Rainy Day Reading

Well, as I observe the rain spattering the cement, I recall that there is nothing better on a wet day than a good book…  And G. K. Chesterton’s Father Brown mysteries are perfect for rainy days, as there are so many of those in England.

The Father Brown mysteries are short stories, perhaps ten or fifteen pages long.  It does take some little while for the narrative to get going, but as it sets up the scene, it seems to be pardonable. Some of the stories are rather difficult to follow (some I can’t understand at all), but as there are some forty tales to choose from it doesn’t matter so much.

Some of the stories that I particularly enjoyed were: The Blue Cross, The Flying Stars, and The Wrong Shape.

The stories are divided into various books, such as The Wisdom of Father Brown, The Innocence of Father Brown, and I believe there are three or four more, whose names escape me. The first two books can however be purchased as one set at Barnes & Noble, or you could order from the library, or again, from the used bookstores if they have it in stock.  I hope you enjoy the books!


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