The Advent of E-Reading

It would have been so much easier to find good, cheap books for my Kindle if I only knew where to look!  So, now that I have found nearly two hundred free e-books, here’s some (hopefully) good advice*:

Out of print books: these are usually free.

Older then seventy-five years.  Copyrights expire after seventy-five years, unless renewed.

Most classic books: War and Peace,  Ivanhoe,  Journey to the Center of the Earth, anything by Charles Dickens, etc.

And now I shall divulge my secrets as to which out-of-print books are best. These are odd little volumes, so to speak, which though rather old are very good.

Michael Strogoff Or, The Courier of the Czar, by Jules Verne. A breath-taking, terrifying adventure in Siberia.  Scarier than Verne’s other books, I would recommend it for teenagers and up.

Monsieur Lecoq, by Emile Gaboriau.  It is in two volumes, Monsieur Lecoq and The Honor of the Name. An early detective novelist, Gaboriau’s books are extremely slow to read, but very good. I rather like Locoq, (Sherlock Holmes calls Lecoq stupid, however) but he is hardly to be seen in some of the books.

How to Tell a Story and Other Essays, by Mark Twain.  All I can say is, you won’t understand the last story in the book if you’ve never smelled Limburger cheese before!

And now, for those who have children, I suggest Andrew Lang’s Fairy Books.  There are twelve some-odd of them, titled in such fashion as this: The Blue Fairy Book, The Brown Fairy Book, etc.

Well, that’s all for now.  There is hopefully something listed here that you will find interesting, or even a book that you will love. Happy reading!

*I only have and use the Kindle, but I have it on authority that the Nook has one million free books, and many priced books as well, so I assume that what I say holds true for both.  Now you know.


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