A Taste of Literature

Well, I have offered reviews with the fall theme of scarlet, so now, I shall begin this post by, with your permission, regaling you with a short story or explanation.

There is, in Illinois, a small shop called Fezziwig’s, named after a character in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  They sell, among other interesting things, very good tea.  There I learned that tea and chocolates can be matched, much like wine and cheese.

So now I come to the point.   I consider that teas and books can also be matched, arbitrarily of course, but nevertheless certain teas do match well with certain books.  So I suggest, (having tasted a bewildering number of teas) some good books and a tea you might want to try with it.

With Dickens’ The Pickwick Papers, a strong black English Breakfast tea is very good.  With Tennyson’s poetry, a light green tea, or a white tea with honey.  For The Hunger Games, mint tea. (Katniss would keep on about mint tea!)  With Rudyard Kipling’s Kim, I feel that an Oolong would be in order.  If you read The Arabian Nights, then I would say something with ginger and pear, or else green tea with pomegranate.

Well, I hope you try one of the books, and perhaps one of the teas.  Bon appetite!


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