Charles Dickens and Great Expectations

I love Dickens now, but it took me quite a while to really enjoy reading his works.  Now that I am acclimated to his slower style, and his American-bashing that takes place in Martin Chuzzlewit, I love Dickens.  So, here (as is my wont)  I recommend three of Dickens’ books which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Great Expectations.  Ah, mystery.  And aside from the well-veiled mystery, Dickens does an excellent job of showing us Pip’s character.  All in all, an excellent book.

The Pickwick Papers.  It starts off slowly, but it gets so good further in that you won’t want to put it down.  G. K. Chesterton, an English author and journalist who died in the late forties, was apparently influenced a great deal by this book. You see, his Father Brown character looks like Mr. Pickwick, (if you look at the illustrations) and Chesterton wrote an entire book on Dickens.  Sorry to have so far digressed from my point.  Anyway, Pickwick is the funniest book by Dickens, in my opinion.

Now, David Copperfield is last but not least.  It is well-wrought and entrancing, enthralling, a roaring good tale.  Spoiler alert: it does have a happy ending. Had to say that.



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