The Dilemma of a Holmes Fan

I suppose nearly every lover of mysteries loves Sherlock Holmes.  There is not enough in the canon to balm the hearts of the most fervent Holmes fans; however, there are some lesser-known works to recommend to you.

My Dear Holmes, by Gavin Brend.  While somewhat dusty and pedantic, it does offer a new look at Holmes, mostly because the author points out some of the odd discrepancies in the canon.  It also makes the reader privy to the debate as to which college Holmes went to.
*There is a book with a nearly identical title, My dearest Holmes, which I have not yet read.  It does look good though.

Exploits of Sherlock Holmes, by Adrian Conan Doyle (Sir Arthur’s son) and John Dickson Carr.  While of course not as good as the originals, these are still fairly good.  They do take some of the fun out of Holmes’ mysterious allusions, so be warned.

Perhaps I should not mention this, but they do say, in Exploits of Sherlock Holmes, that Doyle wrote a play that he never published (he said it would create an uproar).  It tells us some more about Dr. Watson -more under spoiler alerts-,but I for one want to know, even at the risk of changing how I look at him.  Curiosity killed the cat.  I wish that it was published, though.  Don’t you?

That may, I hope, be something for my fellow Holmes fans; I hope in future to find more good books on Holmes, which I should in turn recommend. Enjoy!


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