It took me quite some time to get around to reading Ivanhoe.  Such a good book as it is, too! Pray allow me to tell you a little about it, and perhaps a bit about Scott’s other books, as well.

Ivanhoe is one of Scott’s earliest books, but really one of his best.  I loved it!  I usually am not so moved, but it was filled with knights in shining armor (please pardon the hackneyed phraseology), damsels in distress, but behaving just about as nobly as can be, humor; oh, everything that can make a book good, in my humble opinion.  It was lovely.

Scott’s poetry is good, too, filled with descriptive phraseology, and it has a certain gentle rhythm.  If you can find one of those complete collections of Scott’s poetry I entreat you to read it.

I do hope you read Ivanhoe, and enjoy it, too.


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