As the Snowflakes Fall

I can scarcely believe it is already snowing in some parts of the country (stupid NHL lockout!), but there isn’t much better on a cold winter’s morning than to read a very good book. (I think I’m repeating myself.)  So, as is my wont, I shall recommend a book, one of my veriest favorites, a marvelous and wondrous tome— Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo.

While it is very, very long (some fifteen hundred pages), that is almost a point in its favor— just think how many pleasant hours will be whiled away with it.  And then, it would only be half as good, if it were half as long! There is just so much contained within the covers that ‘twould be a shame to lose any.

Victor Hugo did such a wonderful job on Les Miserables.  The characters are almost alive, enough that you could easily believe that they existed.  Then, the setting is fascinating, enthralling, exciting.

I recommend the Signet Classics version (they say it’s the only unabridged paperback edition available).  Of course you could get it abridged, but if you’re going to read a beautiful book, why read a butchered edition? Well, enjoy!


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