The Napoleon of Notting Hill

G. K. Chesterton’s The Napoleon of Notting Hill is, in my opinion, one of his funniest books.

The style is perhaps not quite as polished as it would later become, but the content is the really important part.  He (Chesterton) leads his characters into one mad adventure after another, extricating them by a hair, and painting all of it in the most glorious colors.  His characters are really likeable, too; if I ever get a puppy dog I intend to name it after Adam Wayne– my favorite character in the whole book.
Of course, there is just one small thing wrong. Not with the book, but the fact that it is rather hard to find in print.  I’ve actually never seen a copy, though I haven’t looked very hard, but I got it for free on the Kindle, though the Nook is also a good bet. Enjoy!


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  1. msw

    great stuff as always!

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