Sunday Edition

Because today is Sunday, I shall go ahead and post my list of favorite, relaxing reading-type religion books. I call them that, because I have no better term for them on the tip of my tongue.  If you’re a Roman Catholic (as I am), then these might be interesting to you.  And if you’re not, well, you could read them anyway, or wait for tomorrow’s suggestions.

Here’s my list:

A really good biography of St. Francis of Assisi.  He’s extremely funny, you know, and quite good.  G. K. Chesterton wrote a book about him, which is good, though slow, but a good Christian bookstore or very large library will probably yield others.

Butler’s Live of the Saints, in an original edition is good.  Make sure it’s a good edition– there are some really lousy abridgments out there (I know this, trust me.  Some are bad enough to throw out).

Robert Hugh Benson’s books are really good and exciting (and he was a priest), but they are regretfully though not surprisingly out of print. His books are however free on the Kindle.

I know there’s more, but until I remember the titles that’s all for now.  Perhaps I’ll run a sequel in a couple of weeks.  Enjoy!


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