Shakespearians, Rejoice!

I understand that high-schoolers tend to complain about being made to read Shakespeare (it’s too long, dull, old-fashioned, etc), but I for one find the witty wordplay to be refreshing after the clamor of execrable spelling and grammar and texting abbreviations so often found these days.  Slap-stick humor, is what Chesterton said Shakespeare’s comedies were, and so they are.

Take, for instance,The Tempest, and tell me it’s not funny.  A sprite whisking about, singing songs of doom and gloom when there’s nothing to be gloomy about, giving feasts and vanishing them, and so on… And it’s all in flowing, graceful English (After the foul language Shakespeare indulged in at the beginning.  You can skip that).

So I hope you forgive high-school English teachers and try some Shakespeare on your own account.  You never know, you might like his comedies.  Enjoy!


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