Literary Profferings, the Christmas Edition

Today’s post is about Christmas gift suggestions for the bookworms in your life (or for yourself!).

For the one who owns every book under the sun, a pair of handsome bookends might be in order.  Barnes and Noble, for instance, have an interesting set– Homer and Aristotle busts for the bookends, I believe.  Online is probably the place to look, though.

For the reader of old books, (if you know what they haven’t got) a beautiful edition of a long-wanted book is what I suggest. Hardcover, well-bound, etc.  Or, if there is a special book which they really love, perhaps a collector’s edition for display.

A reading journal is also a nice thing to have.  I saw these (but some long time ago), at Barnes and Noble– or the company Moleskine may very well have some.

Well, I hope these suggestions prove helpful.  I’ll try to post again tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!


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