All Roads Lead to Rome

I seem to have run out of Shakespeare faster than I thought I would; so I’ll recommend something of a different order entirely.  It is Hilaire Belloc’s The Path to Rome.

Belloc, on going into  his parish church on a visit to his home town, found it remodeled, and that so beautifully that in his joy he swore to go on pilgrimage.  His tale, like his path, winds up and down, stopping for food, and drink, and good conversation; he digresses into anecdotes and he gets lost on mountains.  He does speak, confusedly and at no great length, about theology, but he is no great theologian and defender of the faith as his friend G. K. Chesterton was– I cannot understand Belloc at all because he made little sense.  But it is not a heavy theological tome but the story of a pilgrimage, and so should be treated as such.

It can be found free on the kindle, and ordered off, and sought-after at your library—or requested from another library if yours doesn’t have it.




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