Paper Clips are Interesting?

Libraries are better than bookstores in so many ways; free books, free DVDs (unless your items are overdue), and some, I believe, are beginning to offer coffee.  (Look out, Barnes & Noble!)

The reason I mentioned libraries is because I found a fascinating book (which I never would have spent money on) while poking about in a corner of the library.  The Evolution of Useful Things, by Henry Petroski, is far more delightful than its dusty and pedantic-sounding name would imply.  Petroski discusses how diverse little, useful things, such as forks, paper clips, and suchlike things, came to be.  While Petroski’s style gets a little dry at times (chapter two, for example), those are the low points of the book.

Taken all in all this is actually very good entertainment.  Enjoy!


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