The Actors Are Come Hither

This second essay, or dollop of prattle (as you like it!) about Shakespeare is about …


Hamlet is my favorite of the tragedies.  Oh, I can scarcely explain why I enjoy it so— whether it’s because the speeches stick in my head so that I can spout poetry at the drop of a hat, or because parts of it make me laugh, or because Hamlet is so really, truly, utterly, entirely real…

And you’ve simply no idea how many of our everyday sayings come out of Hamlet. “The play’s the  thing”  “More honored in the breach than the observance”  “Neither a borrower nor a lender be” are but the barest sampling; you’d be quite surprised how many more gems are contained therein.

Also, somehow, Hamlet seems more satisfying than the other tragedies.  I cannot tell why; perhaps because I can more easily sympathize with Hamlet and comprehend his reasoning more than I can, say, with Othello, or King Lear.  (Certainly more than with Iago!)  Or perhaps it’s a trick of the atmosphere- perhaps I prefer the dark, mouldering castle to the bright, sunlit street where Mercutio sinks dying into the dust.  Less paradoxical, you see.



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