Wherefore art Thou Treated Ill?

The chiefest complaint that I have with Romeo & Juliet is that so many film-makers capitalize on it to make it indecent.  The upside (a comparatively small one) is that today’s Juliet is played by a woman, one who has had time to learn to act.

I’ll gladly read it, however, and enjoy it too; ’tis a goodly play, though of course unfit for the younger set.  The edition read (I lost both it and its name) said that the play is based on a real story; that would be a tourist spot: Come See the Tomb of the Real Romeo & Juliet!  But I digress.  This play does show how much Shakespeare can do with a story already told; as I have heard most of his plays are, in fact, re-tellings.  He was a master plagiarist!

I would recommend a good, hardcover edition.  Barnes & Noble actually has a complete Shakespeare (sans notes, I believe) for eight bucks; although one store only had a twenty-dollar hardcover.



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