Some Can Get Away With It…

Some writers, historically speaking, do take other folks’ stories, rewrite them, and make them better.  Troilus and Cressida is just such a one; even to read instead of watching it is easier than any translation of Homer (I’ve dabbled in three, no, four different translations and always get bogged down.  Truly, I know what I’m talking about.).

I partly enjoy this one because I am so familiar with most of these folk; Aeneas, Achilles, Priam, and so on.  To point out another masterful improvement by the Bard, it is this: that the men finally speak- most translated Iliads have so little of speech in them that it maddens me.  I am grateful for the play, therefore.

I haven’t gotten a DVD version of this yet; the Kindle has a free version, however, with decent formatting (no irritating, unreasoned changes from print to italics).  A paperback would be my redoubt, failing the possession of a Kindle.



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