Spoiler Alert: or, What’s Behind the Flyleaf

There are wonderful, and for that matter, awful, characters in books.  I just wanted to give an over-view as to which ones are more interesting than the rest, and what books you can find them in.  I shall start with characters in children’s books, and so on from there.

As a child, I always liked reading The Horse and His Boy (by C. S. Lewis), with its colorful background, scenery, and fascinating characters.  In particular, I liked the evil, foolish prince Rabadash; that is, I liked to laugh at him.  Then there was his father, the Tisroc, fat, opulent, and extremely politic.   These are just two of the wildly differing people in this book!

Then, for those who disdain fairy-tales (a notion unwise), there is Les Miserables.  Poor Jean Valjean, Marius, who wandered around dreaming, and Cosette, who- but I must not spoil the story.

Sir Walter Scott doesn’t tend to have very strong characters (I have noticed several who seem to have been recycled from his earlier books), but the people of Ivanhoe are quite good, comparatively.  Brian de Bois-Guilbert is awful, but, again, interesting- he rather tended to bring out the best in Rebecca’s nature.  (Read the book if you haven’t, and you’re patient- it’s really very wonderful.)

At any rate, these are just a handful of my favorite characters in books; by all means, please comment on you own favorites, and I will if I can write a post about some of them in the future.  Thank you!


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