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Et Tu, Brute? Then Die Caesar…

I suppose that Julius Caesar is a tragedy; I would classify it as a history, myself, but for those incidents in which almost all of the major characters die upon their own swords.  Tragedy it is, then.

This is obviously quite a violent play- although less so than many modern shows.  The play rather puts me in mind of Richard III, badly done, and ending in the (recently disinterred) king putting an end to himself.

While this one has many memorable lines, to me, I who love fair lyricism and lilting speech, prefer other, more, ah, not alliterative plays, per se, but you might say less hard-boiled than this.  Personal preference.

I’ve only seen the full-length BBC version of this, from the eighties, and that was quite good; a good library ought to have it, or be able to request it.



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